Launching in July 2017 on Kickstarter

Printed with glow-in-the-dark inks, Important Stuff will be a self-published children's board book of ten important events in world history and their effect on us today.
I wanted to make a fun and educational way to teach your child about historical events and figures. This book will serve as a reminder of what has come before them and how it influences us today. I researched several key events and made sure that issues such as innovation, diverse cultures, freedom, and equality were represented in this project. Events and/or topics covered in this book will include:

  • The extinction of the dinosaurs
  • The invention of the wheel
  • The first civilization of Mesopotamia
  • The building of the Great Wall of China
  • Galileo's contributions
  • The Revolutionary War
  • Edward Jenner and the first vaccine
  • The Ford Model T
  • Amelia Earhart's flight
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
The art style for the book combines my love of big shapes/bright colors with modern design. It fuses my interests that I had as a child with the aesthetics that I have picked up during my professional career.